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A woman with long blond and brown curly hair and brown eyes. She is wearing a white shirt and gold necklace with a small round pendant. You can see an office space in the background.

Inna Kagan

Availability: Taking New Patients 

You are most likely to find in my lunch box:

Greek pasta salad or DIY Lunchables (my favorite combo is turkey and cheddar).


If I were trying to impress my dinner guests, I would make:

I would make Half Baked Harvest's Paprika-Rubbed Rotisserie Chicken - 10/10 every time!

Yearbook quote: "The only way out is through" and "You are you, and that is your superpower" 

My Story

I grew up as a figure skater and as I got older, started to see the prevalence of disordered eating in the competitive realm of the sport. In college, I took a sports nutrition class where I ended up writing a paper about eating disorders in the figure skating world. This truly opened my eyes to eating disorders in sport in general, and from then on, in my dietetic internship rotations, I sought opportunities to learn more about the psychological and physical nature of eating disorders. After passing my RD exam and earning my Master's degree in Nutrition, I landed at Walden Behavioral Care as a dietitian in the residential program, working with both adults and adolescents. In my time there I have learned an invaluable amount from my colleagues and patients, and continue to do so every day!

In our first meeting, I want us to have an open conversation: a judgement-free zone where I will learn about your relationship with food, goals for our work together, and start to get to know you as an individual. I will create a safe space where you feel comfortable being honest and vulnerable, and I will listen with a curious and empathetic ear. I hope my clients take away a sense of feeling heard, supported, and pushed (in a good way) through our work together. From day one I have always believed that my clients are people first, with passions and life stories and goals - their eating disorder does not define them. My goal is to balance the emotional and challenging nature of this work with a kind heart, sense of humor, and gentle encouragement. I will celebrate my clients' wins and be there alongside them as they embark on this journey.

  • Eating disorders

  • sports nutrition

  • culinary nutrition

Areas of Experience



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