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Lacey Raser

Availability: Taking New Patients 

What you are most likely to find in my lunch box:

curry, açaí bowls, or mashed potatoes

My Happy Place: Blowing Rock Beach in Florida! I love being near any ocean, but this beach is my favorite to watch the waves crash. I am hoping to earn my scuba certification and learn how to surf soon!

Yearbook quote: "If you can do this, you can do anything."

My Story

I have always been interested in nutrition and how it can impact your health. Throughout my college education I began to unlearn all the false information that Diet Culture taught me to be true about food. It was liberating and empowering to break free from those  limitations and rules that I was previously following, I knew that as a dietitian, I wanted to us this information for good, to help others heal their own relationship with food and body.

What to expect in our first meeting: 

I’m here to listen, encourage and educate. Together we will find out what is standing in your way and come up with next steps towards overcoming those barriers.


What I hope you will get from our work: 

To learn how to nourish your body with kindness and respect.

  • Eating Disorders

  • Disordered Eating

  • Body Image

  • General Nutrition

  • Chronic Dieting

  • Intuitive Eating

  • Health At Every Size

Areas of Experience



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