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About Us

Navigate Nutrition is a team of dietitans dedicated to providing our clients with care that is trauma informed. We take a whole life approach to nutrition care and support the notion of health at every size. Click through the slide show below to learn a bit about how we as a team approach nutrition care, and if you want to learn more about one of our clinicians specific areas of knowledge and focus we can get you scheduled for an insight call by going to the Our Patients tab above! 

What Is Trauma Informed Care? 

Trauma-informed nutrition care is a set of universal precautions our providers use when meeting new patients/clients. Included in this paradigm are special considerations for psychological safety, socio-economic barriers, cultural and historial impact. This paradigm supports empowerment, choice, and voice; transparency in care, informed consent, and peer support.


It is built on the understanding that everyone has wounds. Those wounds influence behavior, attitudes, and beliefs. Trauma-informed care accepts that education isn't enough. The word "trauma" can be uncomfortable for people. That's ok. You don't have to have a trauma history to benefit from Trauma-Informed Care. 


Trauma-informed care is Identity affirming care, Gender affirming care, Neurodiversity affirming care, Culturally affirming care, Anti-oppresive, Anti-diet,  Fat friendly care, Sex positive care


Trauma-informed care is for those who can enter into a relationship with a health care provider knowing that they can speak up if the relationship or recommendations don't feel right, especially for those who chronically feel misunderstood and have good reasons to distrust others and the medical system. 

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